Poseidon must be the god to be

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 3 Dec 2012 01:04
If there was one god I'd like to be, it would be Poseidon.
He is probably the only one that does not have to listen to praiers but avctually gets thousands
of gifts every day.  Anchors, fenders, hats... I personally must have given him more hats than he can use.
I actually stopped using them when I'm sailing, so now I loose hair instead. Do they have wigs with a strap?
But the main reason to be Poseidon must be all the fun he has, looking at us. Can you believe how many hilarious situations he must be watching?
Look at this one from yesterday:
Our spinacker boom goes free from the track on the mast that it first bent and then got out. As it does that I tell my daughter Erika to wake up mommy now! I haul in the genua to stop the flogging around with a 40 Kg boom.
Then I run forward to grab the boom (oh yes you might wonder why we use a boom with a genua, well when running downwind as we do now we need to sheet out the genua almoust flat and keep her steady there in the waves, otherwise it (now make up your mind is genua a  genus?) will loose air and fill up all the time in the waves as we get windshadow in the deep of the waves), where was I?
So there I am, stuck on the forward part of the deck, lets call it foredeck, with a lot of boom and a lot more lines.
Ellinor who comes in pyjamas realizes that it is wet on deck and to save the pants she takes them off, takes on her lifejacket, attaches the safety harness and comes forward asking what to do. I ask her to haul the lift so we can get tha spinnacker boom in a new position, all while Im trying to save the rig from bangs and other nasty things a boom can make with the help of the sea.
My wife is an astronaut, well not really, but she fits the personality they wanted when the rocket business was new. It is the kind of person that forgets their own safety when they are about to accomplish something, the result is more important than their own life...
So when she realizes that one hand is not strong enought to haul the boom she grabs the line with both hands and when that is not enought she hangs her entire body to it. Can you see it? Can you see Poseidons point of view?
A boat without sail swings wildly in 4 meter waves and that line is coming out of the mast at about 10 meters from sea level. The mast swings out and so does Ellinor. So as I am stuck holding the boom she swings away to sea! Well she has a lifesling thank god (Poseidon?) and that stops her from enjoying herself to much, a short ride over the water will do. Without pants!
Look at this scene from today:
Today the assignement was to get the boom back on track and as that was bent at the end it was impossible. Two choses, go with mechanical force and bend it back or just take that bit off the mast. Thank god it was only him who saw me today working with a hacksaw on our own mast. Jerry the rigger would have died! Now everything is back in place and we are marching on westward.Let's hope it stays there...
What else? Oh yeah, Poseidon threw some fly fish on deck to thank us for the entertainment....