The perfect day and interview with Erika

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 13 Nov 2014 00:34
If you are a sailor and love to sail you would probably call this the perfect day.
The sun is shining from a blue sky and the ocean just reflects that wonderful blue.
There are sparks of sunlight in the water that is just gently moving, a few puffy clouds give you a sense
of depth. The wind is about 8-10 knots and Salsa is sailing into the wind just so she leans 3-4 degrees and we are making 6-7 knots.
Then we catch a fish, a 10 kg Mahe mahe, actually it was Ellinor who caught it, I just had to pull it in.
Then she cleaned it and made beautyful filés.
Some potatoes got peeled, and I fried cubicles in butter over gas. When the raw fried potatoes is nearly done, I put 3 big filés
from the half  hour fresh fish into the pan. Fry it with sea salt and sprinkled with freshly ground white pepper. All is served with some fresh sprouts (the only vegetable we have on board now).
Then you sit under the bimini, sailing on and eating this wonderful meal. I do not think Im saying this a lot, but this is absolutely unreal.
Interview with the kids, let's start with Erika:
Q: What have you learned the last 2 years?
E answers quickly: English
Q: Anything else you might have learned that you would not have gotten at home?
E: That I will find out when we get home
Q:Are you missing Sweden?
Q:Tell us about your school
E:It is short, 2-3 hours per day, we do not need more as Im the only student
Q:What subjects do you learn now?
E:History, Bilogy, Swedish, Math,
Q:What do you like most?
E:Biology and History, Biology is about nature, mom is a good teacher on that
Q: Who is your favourite teacher?
E: Mom
Q: I have heard you have a point system on board, what's that?
E: Crappy jobs on board gives you points, for instance you dry the dishes you get 20 points, clean the bilges, maybe 50 points
Q: And how do you use them?
E: It's kind of Salsa money, you can get some things or do something for those points.
Q:What is the worse you know living on Salsa?
E: Andreas, he is tiring, always talks about zombies, weapons and he has a lot of boring stories to tell...
Q: Most fun?
E: We live a good and free life, I love the sea and swimming. I read a lot, 2 hours per day.
Q:Your favourite author?
E: Lena Lilleste, titles like Mordbrand på Skolan or Livsfarliga miljoner etc.
Q: Loom band seem to be in fashion on board?
E:Yes I got it from Martin and Anna (Ellinors brother and his wife), and I love to do things with them. Here we can buy a bag of them for 80 Fiji cents. My next goal is to build a complete jungle with them...
Q: What about christmas?
E: I look forward to it, I do not care there is no snow or Santa Claus.
Q: Tell us about something special that happened recently?
E: It was fun with the Disco in Futana and I loved a store with Loombands in Suva.
Q: Something scary?
E: Oh yes, in Futana as I was swimming a sea snake came up on me, that was fearful!
Tomorrow I will post the interview with Andreas