Lousy day 06.17.4S 129.30.0W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 4 Jun 2013 03:42
For those of you that are worried about the collision, we have no news, but everything seemes alright from the inside. Today we started the engine and tried the propeller shaft carefully and it seemes in balance.
This day started with windproblems by 3 in the morning, the 4-5 meter waves had arrived and they where like big rolling hills in England. HUGE but LOOOOOOOOOOOONG. The first ship we have seen since Galapagos crossed our track today by 8nM, they where 800 feet long (we know it by AIS signal that gives away facts about the ships) and loaded with containers up to 25 meters (a guessing). They disappeared in the waves when a crest was between us.
It gaves us a good idea on the size of the "liquid hills". No drama there at all. But they disturb the wind and it was weak to start with. About 4-5 knots. With only the genacker up we made about 3-4 knots. I just do not like it, and the sails flogg, get the wind-FLONK! Fold together Swuuuuuuschhhhhchfiouuu------FLONK! and so on.
Since half the night was a misery sailingwise we where both tired all day. Andreas seemes to feel that we are not on top, because then he has to talk even more.... And he talks and talks, and of course he has to ask questions all the time.
- Do you know what this is?
- A Playmobile door with a roadsign driven through the keyhole...
- No it's a skateboard that can fly in space
-Do you know how fast it goes?
-Do you know how fast it goes?
-Well guess
-WRONG! It does 300000000000047 knots! in space!
-Have you seen what happens when you take away the hair from a playmobile man?
-He has no brain inside (trying to be funny there)
-No, it's space for water
-Do you know why that is good?
-Really, no
-Well he does not get thirsty of course!
And so it goes, hour after hour
Now we have little less than 600nM, we cannot go by engine the whole way, we could probably make half of it.
So it all depends on the wind when we get there. And today it has been far weaker than predicted.
Right now we are surrounded by squalls, so we have a little rain (it s needed for Salsa equipment on deck)
I think all of us would like to be at Fatu Hiva now.