Evolution - how does it work?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 28 Aug 2014 02:44
We are still in Savu Savu. Yesterday was a day of work and learn.
All morning Ellinor was up in the mast making measurements of ALL details on the stays we need to change.
Now we also think we know better why we have a problem.
For those interested, NEVER EVER let anybody mount a forestay without a toggle fitting!
(Yes Ellinor turned a dial on the camera that makes black/White pics...)
The red arrow indicating the ways the movements will wear out the strands in the stay

What does it mean? When you have an eye fitting the only "good" movement on the stay is back and forth, but sideways it is the strands that take the beating.
What is worse, LISTEN when somebody tells you.
In Falmouth, after the inner stay was mounted with a new jibe  by the sailmaker, the rigger mentioned that to us. Well he did not tell us it was dangerous, but he said, it does not look good.
Today we can only regret we did not listen, because the jibe is the sail that takes the big fights, the one we always rely on when the wind gets up to 30knots plus, and of course we have
beaten the ----- out of the stay....
The D2:s, are small stays and the only ones we did not change, they are simply old.
Well we have had great support from 2 riggers, one in Lautoka on the big island of Viti Levu (thank you Bruce from Westside Rigging and Wire)  and one from NZ (thank you Phil on Gulf Harbour Rigging ).

Selfie and the riggers view from Savu Savu anchorage, not bad...

What did we learn yesterday?
Well there is an expat here in Savu Savu, called Curl, he is a wonderful guy who tries to make life easier for cruisers here in Fiji.

He had a seminar for all newcomers were we learned Fijian customs (and they sure are different) and how to get around the islands.
He went through chart after chart and he gave us information about weather patterns etc.
It was truly inspiring and it feels like we could be here for another year!
Maybe the magic will come back after all, from what we see here this is the place where the dream of the Pacific is probably comes true.
After the seminar we went out to eat in our favorite little place...
Some people can sail 16000 miles to get a sausage and fries, plus ketchup, some look for something new, their fish and curry is the BEST!!! 6 FDollars (2,4Euros)

Walked home in the tropical night, probably 25 degrees...

Now about evolution
It is funny, this morning Rich from the boat Legacy was here to help me check our charging system.
He brought up the word evolution on boats and that made me plot down the words I had in mind about evolution...

How does it work?
If you want to EXPERIENCE evolution faster than it does in nature, fill a boat with stuff. OK? 
I mean, fill it up everywhere. For instance in the compartment with tools and spare parts make sure you have several layers.
Now, pull a toolbox out of the compartment and there you have it, evolution made visible.
Immediately something falls down in that temporary hole that existed for about 5 seconds.
If you are at sea it will take 0,5 sec.
You see When you are done, you cannot get the box back in place, so you lift up whats there and another case will take the place...
Evolution works the same way, if there is a gap to fill something will evolve in that direction and take that space.
If you have a navigation table with a desk that opens like a lid, there you have it, squeezed evolution!
You open that lid and immediately things that were on the side of the lid part will fall down in between so you cannot close the navigation table, guaranteed.
A cable, a chart, a pen and in worse case, all three of them.

Enjoy your day! And thank you for reading!