Its not fast

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 27 Mar 2015 08:51
From Fiji Times:

Government aid to reach all islands
Friday, March 27, 2015
THE wait for aid from the Vanuatu Government was expected to end yesterday for all of the nation's islands, two weeks after Cyclone Pam struck.

Earlier reports suggested supplies weren't being delivered to the areas of islands that needed it most, and yesterday Erromango Island still hadn't had any help from authorities.

A government spokesperson, Kiery Manassah, said supplies were dropped at Tanna island on Wednesday, and the boat was to deliver aid to Erromango yesterday, before returning to Port Vila.

Mr Manassah said they had enough supplies to last a couple of weeks, but were appealing for another $US30million ($F60m) from other countries.

A resident of Erromango said the community felt abandoned and they desperately needed food and drinking water.

Helen Naupa of Williams Bay said a Government team arrived on the island in Tafea province two weeks ago to assess the damage but had not yet sent relief supplies.

Ms Naupa said the lack of government help was disgraceful.

She said the community was facing very difficult times, with many people homeless, a lack of clean water and food crops being completely destroyed.

"People here don't work for money, they don't earn money, they're all dependent on root crops only and that has been destroyed.

"People here are hungry. They need food. We need food from the Government of Vanuatu and sadly we are not receiving anything as of yet."

She said it would take a year for food crops to be re-established, and was urging international donors to send more aid. A non-government organisation says there are also issues about the amount of food being distributed.