Back in the water and important info!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 5 Jul 2014 03:56
Salsa is floating! She is in mint condition.
The hull looks as new. Blue Water Marine Services has done a fabulous job and Pacific Coast Marine has got
our new autopilot in place, realigned the engine, got ball bearings on the propeller shaft etc.

Sorry about showing pictures from Salsa going into the waters again (last time in Panama) but it is always exciting:

It is very cold here now, our heater is on all night.
First night we stayed in Craig and Verenas house (they moved to their boat), and they had a welcoming dinner.
We were very tired of course but it felt good to be back.
Our trip home has been an amazing journey with lots and lots of great dinners and get togethers and now it feels good to be on our own again.

The jetlag has been crude, the kids waking up at 3.30 in the morning being hungy and asking for food...

I tried to keep the red lights on in the saloon so we could go back to sleep, but it did not work...

Erika had her birthday on a flight and it did not make any difference, the crew did not care, but now she is happy 
using her presents she got back home and underway. One of them being a 1000 piece puzzle.

Our goal now is to be ship shape by friday this coming week. We had our first "monday meeting" today (saturday) and we decided to get 
going efficient to be done so we can leave this cold weather.
This means that we might have to wait after friday but at least we are ready for a window.

First stop Tonga, hopefully Hapaai.

We have a new satellite number, pls note those that are concerned.
Also use our Salsa mail from now on, the only one we will download from satellite.

PHONE NUMBER IN NZ +64 (0)21 154 3909
Salsa af Stavsnäs
Visiting Adress
Whitianga Marina, Dundas Street, Whitianga New Zealand
Postal address 
PO Box 66, Whitianga 3542 New Zealand

Callsign SLOR
Sattelite number 
Our loggbook will be updated through satellite on