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Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 1 Aug 2015 04:33
We are on Terra Firma now.
Sitting in a great house with so much space there is a echo between the walls....
As we sit by the breakfast table, with the familiar Swedish brands, the kids eat porridge and milk, I look at my family and can't help asking myself:
was this trip for real?
I also look at these adventurers and I'm amazed that nothing shows on the outside, they look like normal people.

I promised I wold write when we got home, many are curious about how it is to adjust to a "normal" life.

One thing that struck my mind is all this talk about doing things you dream about before you die.
What is the purpose of that?
Unless you think you can bring memories with you there is actually no reason to fulfill a wish list, I would say the only reason to do something you dream about is to
make yourself grow or in case you have children to make them grow.
I think this journey has helped us all to grow and also showing to ourselves that we can accomplish very big tasks.
Not to show others, unless that inspires them, but to ourselves.

The day before yesterday we were interviewed by a Canadian journalist regarding our disaster relief work in Vanuatu.
well she asked us a lot about the whole journey. One thing about interviews is to hear what the others have to say.
She asked us about what we were worried about before leaving. I said that I was afraid of being afraid, how I would respond to
a critical situation. Ellinor said she was worried that our relation was going to be tested- hard.
I never knew she was worried about anything...