Navy Blue job

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 25 Nov 2013 08:01
I had a plan...
The tank full of "black water" was to be emptied into a tripple sack.
The plan had been worked out in my brain at night...
No it was time to execute it...
The hose that goes from the toilet was to come off and as I had closed the overflow valve there should not come anything or at least just something before I got the
hose into the sack.
The hose was stiff (my hat off to Kelvin who was able to put our heads together), very stiff, it would not come off.
I had to start taking the pump apart so I could rotate the hose out of it.
Work, work, work, work, and I lifted the upper part of the valve carefully, BUOFFFFFFFFFFF! Swchippppppppp! Four fountains of black water shot out of the valve.
I pressed it back again. My theory about being vacuum in the tank till I opened the overflow valve did not correspond with reality.
What to do?
Call Ellinor!
She comes in and calm as always tells me that she can hold the sack around the valve as I open it.
I do, and she gets the sack around the fountain.
Does it stop? No!
The waterfall continues and the smell is horrendous!
The sack is getting bigger and bigger and all what comes to the side ends up on the floor, and it is getting full everywhere.
OK Ill stop here.

Now the front bathroom/head is sanitized and Im working on getting the valves back into shape, the next job is to put it all together.

We learned from an American boat that they divide the jobs between pink and blue. Blue jobs are the mechanical etc and that goes to the man.
The pink, yes you get it.
The woman on the boat said that working the toilets is Navy Blue!
Well in our case it was a team effort. And Im glad Ellinor is not sensitive at all (I am)

Erika had school in the morning and workshop working with wood in the afternoon. It is a retired man that has a workshop and he invites all kids to come and make stuff in wood with his help and tools.

Andreas has been plying around with friends from other boats.

Our boat is upside down right now and tomorrow it will be even worse.