17.36.4S 176.58.9W Rolling Rolling Rolling

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 23 Aug 2014 02:53
No fun today, actually since last night we get some nasty steep waves from the south. There is a gale not far south from here and I presume that is why we are geting this "crap". We are sailing downwind right now at 6-7 knots, nothing wrong with the speed. Heading for Savu Savu in Fiji.
I just remembered that when we were freezing there was a lot of writing about temperatures, but now, nothing.
Well I guess being in 25 degrees makes you forget the beauty of it. Humans must originally be from this temperarture, because everything seems easier when we dont freeze or prospire (i think the English call it that).
Anyway so even when we are sailing downwind in 20 knots, we still wear shorts and T-skirt.
As we are sailing NorthWest we are gradually getting closer to the equator and with that comes more heat I guess.
Today nobody is doing one gram more than you have to. Just to move from one place to another takes an effort. Sometimes it feels like Salsa is going to dip the mast into the sea.
Last night was a tough night, lot of squall activity confuses the sails and us. Since it is pitch dark (no moon, well a line) we could not see what was going on unless we turned on the radar.So the crew is tired and quite. The kids are just playing games on Ipads and Erika has put herselfe in a corridor so she does not slip back and forth, and there she is builing a house in cardboard and painting the the masterpiece. making some furniture etc. Exactly what I would like to do in a rolly sea, sit on the floor in a dark coenrn and to some fine art work and glue....