Interview with Andreas

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 13 Nov 2014 21:57
Q: Andreas, what have you learned the last 2 years?
A: (he answers in english) In english we call it more english
Q: Your favourite place?
A: New Zealand (he pronounces that in English)
Q: Why?
A: Lot's of places to hide, high grass, all the shops
Q:You have also some school on the boat?
A: Yes, it is good
Q:And I think you learn Swedish and Math?
A:I do not recognise those subjects, we have some kind of cards...
Q: What is your favourite here?
A: Ipad, look at films like Cars or Planes. When we sail I like it, because that is the only time I get to use the iPad, I also like Friday-coozy friday, we look at film and eat pop-corn, but when we sail on a friday it is just a friday...
Q: What do you think of monday meetings now?
Q: You have some practice swimming and diving now?
A: Oh yes, I can swim under the boat and I can dive 3,1 meter
Q:What do you not like at all?
A: Erika, she is always giving me a hard time, she is in the way when my cars come driving. But sometimes I like her when she plays with me. She is like a teenager.
Q: What is a teenager?
A:Well if you are a boy something goes wrong with your voice
Q: Can you remember something special, something fun?
A:Oh I have bad memory so I cannot remember..
Q: Is that good?
A: It is good
Q: Any advice to a 6 year old boy that is going away and sail, what should he bring?
A. Most important is to bring cars, do not bring your older syster...