5th day-15 to go?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 23 May 2013 20:45
Right now the watermaker is stomping rythmically as it makes fresh water and fills tank nr 1 (We have 4 on board)
Last 24 hrs our progress has been 175nM
It has been a tough night, lots of adjustment with the sails. Finally we gave up and put the spinnacker pole out to force the genua in place.
When the wind is light and the waves big, they roll the boat, in turn the wind is not strong enought to fill the sail when it rolls. So BLAMMMMM! it goes and the whole rigg shakes.
Today the waves are more uncomfortable than any day before but we are keeping up the spirit. Tonight we have a celebration, the 5th day at sea! We have made 840nM, that is like sailing from Torneå (as far up as you can come in Sweden (on the Baltic side)) to Copenhagen.
And we have 2000nM to go (Like Falmouth- Cap Verde).
To celebrate we will take a bath in salt water on aft deck (no not in the sea), then a nice fresh water shower, a drink (maybe a small beer), and a good dinner, the kids asked for the famous Pacific Soup (right now Im experimenting with a small portion made from staple banana (food banana) and tomato sauce, instead of sweet potatoes.
This morning Ellinor and the Kids made a Tiger Cake, an excellent desert!
The hydraulic leak in the furling system is there but Reckman, the manufacturer responded within 12 hours and gave us a few analysis and whatever they think we can just use it and we should not attempt any repair.
Another thing that came up yesterday was a leak in the fresh water system, corrosion of course. I want to fix it but after discussing with Ellinor we will keep the pressure pump off when we do not use water and I will fix it at anchor. The reason is that if it brakes more when I try to repair we will have more problems then now. Well it was unusually slow on the technical side for a while, so it had to start again sometimes! And of course we are thankful for thus being just small matters so far.