Big Mama anchorage

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 5 Nov 2013 19:20
Nukalofa is the main town in Tonga. I vibrant little city where the prices are very low on most things BUT what is imported will cost a lot more.
So you get 30 tomatoes for the price of 3 oranges from New Zealand, or you pay the same for a banana STOCK that you pay for 5 apples.
What is grown here is cheap, the market is big, it extends from the harbor area along the street downtown.
People are nice, not pushy at all. Just fair.
Most boats waiting to leave for NZ are at anchorage 2 nM outside town, by a small nice island.We are 18 boats here, but it does not feel crowded as the area is big. There are coral reefs around us protecting from swell, so it is very flat.
The reefs or the shoals are home to many many wrecks around here. Big Mamas island has the perfect setting with simply built roofs and docks made of wood that has floated ashore and palmtrees. There is a palmtree hanging over the water and there you will find a thick rope where you can swing over the water and let go. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and Big Mama herself rules the place.
Yesterday I took the kids that did not have school (on Miss My, Windarra and our selves) to the beach so they could enjoy themselfe.
After lunch I crewed on Miss My as they headed to town to fill diesel and water.As they were filling up I took the opportuninty to get things done in town.
Coming back we had Windarras children Blake and Sophia on board and they had dinner with us and stayed over night. Now it is early morning, Ellinor is still sleeping and there is full activity in the saloon. The girls are weaving and the boys are building with Lego.
The other day Andreas wanted to go with me in the kayak. Well in the kayak he was sitting in my lap, and he wanted to paddle, so I gave him the paddle.
He paddled along very slowly, dipping the paddle slowly and moving it back like in slow motion, all very quite and very slow.
Then he said : "You and mome would like this speed, won't you?"
I asked : "yes, why do you think we would like it?"
He responded "well it is a little romantic to go this slow, don't you think? A romantic speed"
I agreed...
Well then he started to rush off again, we played by a wreck etc. On the way back he did the same slow paddling again,
so I asked "Is it romantic speed now?"
He dipped the paddle nicely in the water and responded dreamy, "yes"
Then he took some more slow strokes and asked me "I think you would like being with mom now instead of me..."
a pause and the he continued "I'd like being with mom when it is so romantic..."