A diversity of Pics from Grenada,Bonair etc

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 3 Mar 2013 15:18

This is what a storm looks like on radar at night, (it is not land you can see, there are intense 
clouds that looks like land and their size can be the same of a big island)
they are called squalls, as you can see it looks like we are heading into one in front of us.
But they are so fast they actually come up from behind and run over us (they move ususally with the wind, so do we),
this one passed us from the side and we got just a small strike from it.
They are very dangerous if you are not prepared so radar is a nice feature.
But you end up sitting watching that thing to much when they are close....

Ellinor packing food in a minivan, a Taxi we hired to drive us back to the boat.
S/Y Miss My and us filled the van with food and people

Wish tree in Bonair by the bay where we where anchored, just at the main town

The best about Bonair was diving and biking.
Very easy since the landscape is relative flat (biking)

looking at

"Wild donkeys"

Sometimes the views are less beautiful but very educational

Andreas the garbage collector thinks these places are just FUN!

Plastic plastic plastic! If there is anything we will leave on this planet that's plastic

Tough climb, mostly because of loose gravel

Then we are up, this is the Atlantic side of Bonair, very remote

Waves crashing in from the Caribean sea

We had a small accident, Erika left her bike standing just close to the edge of a pier. 
The wind took it and blew it into the water.
We got it up and had a big concern about the bike starting to rust.
A guy from Dominica had a small carwash and we asked if we could buy a wash for the bike.
He let us have it for free.
And his kids showed the dogs to our kids