How to loose a dinghy and your daughter

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 30 Oct 2012 10:44
So after sailing from Madeira to the Canaries we are now on the 29th degree North of the equator. Every degree is 60 nautical miles, so if you take your degree, say 59 N you are 30 degrees above us.That is 30 times 60 = 1800 nM X 1,8 km= it gives an idea on how far north you are from us. We are South of Agadir in Africa and on the same level as the Sahara desert, that is only 130nM east from here. Actually there are times when the wind will carry sand from Sahara. The climate is very nice, around 22 degrees even at night, if the sun is out it turns fast into 25-28 degrees Celcius.
The sailing from Madeira was one of the more pleasant we had, sailing the first half and motoring the other half. Motoring 'is not so fun but the sea was very smooth. Right now we are at anchor in the North tip of Fuerteventura, the town is called Corralejo.
As we got here Erika and I pumped up the dinghy, we put it in the water and fastened the line. Erika climbed down to the dinghy to put the seat and oars in place, well she had just the seat with her when the line broke and she drfited away in a very fast pace. The wind was fortunally blowing her ashore but there was no way we could pick up the chase with the boat having 30 meters of anchor chain out so I jumped in the water to chase her. Erika was sitting cool on the dinghy and she came close to a dutch boat that threw a line at her. She caught it and at the same time a french neighbourgh had got his dinghy going and towed us back to our boat. That was a good start to get to know a couple of boat owners!  The weather is going to be bad for sailing towards Las Palmas and we are in now hurry yet, so we will stay here for a few days. We have school and Ellinor was painting for the first time yesterday. We have decided in our monday meeting that Ellinor and I will have 2 hours every other day to work on our own stuff, I'm working on a book and will see what it ends up being.
Andreas has been talking about skating for the last months, he tries to skate on his cars and on pillows etc. So last night we bought a very cheap skateboard in town (Eika bought one with her own money), we will see what that ends up being.
For those that are interested, this is what will probably happen the coming month:
The 12th of November we plan on being in Las Palmas, the ARC program will start with childrens club, seminars, educations, safety checks etc. The 25th of November we will probably be about 230 boats leaving for the Caribean, and the island of St Lucia. Some will go directly some will chase the wind further south, via Cap Verde, we will see what our choice will be.