Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 13 Oct 2014 01:48
I guess it is hard to imagine in a modern world, a place that has nothing man made in sight. Now you might say- come-on! Youve written this before!
Yes I have written it before, but let me explain in depth.
Right now we are in a bay, there is no mast on top of any hill, there is no house, nothing- no man made obstructions.
OK, how often do you see that? A place with just nature? Not even in the Swedish archipellago is it possible any more to be in a place where you only see nature, plain nature. The only way we can rest from man made obstacles is to look at the horison.
Im sure you have done that, looked at the horison and felt how you body relaxed, how it makes you go into a different mood.
The explanation is easy, every man made obstacle represents something, and I think that our brain has to deal with that.
Even if we see an antenna our brain deals with that. "Why there? Who does it belong to? How did they get it there?" It is like a Feng Shui of obstacles. According to Feng every thing we own takes a part of our brain in posession. Maybe that´s why most people look more happy when they leave a recycle center where they dumped a load of stuff then what people look like when they leave a shopping center?
Fot us it was a huge relief when we got rid of all our posessions before leaving Sweden. It is amazing how free you feel. Now add the feeling of not having to deal with any man made stuff, it is unreal, unreal, unreal.
Yesterday we lifted the hook and moved inside the Fulanga Atholl to this place, it is a bay protected by a chain of smaller islands. The bottom is white sand and turtles come up and gasp for air now and then.
The hills that are made of limestone a re loaded with green, trees and bushes climb all the way from the water to the top of the small mountains. The green carpet is interupted by small white sand beaches with some palm trees.
It is a moment like this that becomes a gem in your mind, when Ellinor and I sit under the stars, the kids are sleeping, the moon comes up over the hill and you ask yourselfe, "is the moon and the earth real, or is it just in our minds?" Well that philosophical question seems to have an answer in our life, the sea, the wind and the environment, all are so real that they have to be there regardless of our present.
Today we have to lift the hook again and go back to the village landing and say good bye. Tomorrow we will sail off towards Suva and I bet it is going to be a shock getting there. Since we have left Sweden- we landed in Auckland- took a bus to Whitianga- from there we sailed up to Whangarei. wich is a bigger small city I guess, but after that we have not been in a real city, Hapaii- maybe 150 people - Vavau- maybe 1000 people - Savusavu-maybe 1000 people- Fulaga 80 people in the village... and now heading for Suva.