Stars in the water

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 9 Jan 2015 19:28
It's 7 in the morning, Im writing mails to my daughters at home (well one is in school in Amsterdam), the sun is up, 28 degrees C (this is going to be another hot day!) Almost no wind at all. We are in the middle of a trough that spins the little wind there is around from different directions.
It is funny to watch the gribs telling us all about it and read Fiji Mets weather bullentin that keeps saying the same thing all over: Strong winds from SW 20-25 knots.
Well to be fair, yesterday they changed it to NW 20-25. It makes you wonder what's happening in Nadi- any follow ups on the forecasts?
Sorry now I noticed, Im complaining about the forecasters like everybody else. Well we have a weatherprogram and we buy the forecasts from Meteocom and they seem to be spot on all the time! Have been for 2,5 years by know! Thanks to their great work we had got into little troubble so far and hopefully will, but who knows? Like Bob Mc Davitt always writes: Weather is chaos.
Enough of that.
Yesterday, another day of work and school. Afternoon we took the dinghy to a reef I've seen when paddling. It was amazing and Erika who wished to see a shark got to see one. Lots and lots of fish!
Friday night is what we call a couzy night so we watched movies and ate popcorn.
Ellinor and I saw American History and to be honest I had a hard time sleeping after that movie.
Either we are not used to media and violence or it is really a horrible story that gets you. Especially now when things are getting tighter in Europe.
But even after a reminder of a brutal reality we had some magic when taking a last swim in the dark before going to bed.
Sea-fire, (mareld in Swedish) there was so much it glittered in the water without even us being in it! So intense! In the water you could make the most wonderful lightshow by moving your body. We had to get the kids up and it was a WOW!
We could also make fireworks with the bow thruster....