Tropical cyclon Lusi

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 13 Mar 2014 02:24
Tropical Cyclone Lusi is heading towards New Zealand, as seen in this satellite image. Photo / Japanese Meteorological agency.

Well this might end up being an exciting weekend.
A cyclone is forecasted to hit us with winds up to 120km/hour

Other than that life is great. We are working on the boat and today I picked up three
printed samples of the new book to be sent to the publishers.
Well at breakfast Ellinor sais "Now I know whats wrong with the beginning f the book...!"
So now I have 3X400 printed pages to throw in a basquet? Hopefully not.
Hopefully I can rewrite the beginning and then sync it with the rest that is already on paper...

The kids just love being in school and getting more and more friends.

I had a workshop with businesses in Whitianga about how to get more
yachts to the village (we are the only one here)

Today Im in Auckland and tonight I will give a speech to a group of people.