How many times?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 10 Jul 2014 20:45
When you look at the provisioning pictures you might think you have seen it many times before.
I took a look backwards and realised we did a major provisioning in Las palmas and one in Panama and now one
in Whitianga. That's it.
It is big labor, the packing and cleaning of every single package takes time, it is still going on...
But on the other hand it is basic food for about 6 months in advance.
Today we will put the thermostat back into the generator engine (it has been out for cleaning and it was so full of dirt it could not function).
Pacific Coast Marine (engine repair etc) will come on board and flush the cooling system in the generator with acid (hopefully it can take it).
Looking at the weather forecast Monday does not look good for departure to Whangarei or Opua. But we are still planning for a shakedown on Sunday.

Almost all systems are up and running.
I have had big problems with the satellite connection, they activated the wrong simcard and it took a while to sort it out. And today as I was trying it to download a weatherfile it said that Im not allowed to...
Well Im sure mailasail will sort that out, the problem is that we are on different timezones, so I ask the question during the day and the answer at night...

The kids are in very good mood and Erika is helping us by having school with Andreas while we fight the lists...