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Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 20 Oct 2013 03:46
Sunday today, it is hard to imagine how quite it can be. Here in Tonga Sunday is considered the day of rest and to go to church.
You are by law not even allowed to swim or make any noise. So the whole town is like somebody dropped a bomb that took everything but the buildings. With one exception, suddenly you can hear singing voices so loud they sound like they come from heaven. As we mentioned before Tongans can really sing, and they sing loud!
Yesterday we docked the boat ashore to clean the hull and give it a wax and polish, was about time, has not been done since April 2012!
Made a big difference! As we had to turn the boat around we had the rudder close to shore and the tide was going down. I was worried that we would end up atnding on the rudder so I checked the space now and then. I put on the mask and just leaned down in the water. But once I leaned to far out and fell in the water....
Ellinor was sad that she missed the event.
We have been running a todolist for a couple of days and have been working from sunrise to dawn.
So we sleep very well.
Tomorrow is the big day, Alexandra and Anders are coming with a flight to Vavau!

In the series of highlights Erika is the last person to be asked about what she thinks have been the best moments on this journey.
She feels that the encounters with wales and dolphins have been the number one experiences. When I ask her why she responds that it s so magnificent to be so close a wild animal.
She also said that Alexandra coming is a highlight. I protested and said that you cannot say that yet. -Well, she said,-Even longing for her is a great experience.

Salsa af Stavsnäs
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