Welcome to Taronga

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 26 Jun 2015 21:11
This is the view of Sidney from the hill
This is a classic picture from Taronga, it is not fake, there is a live giraff and there is the Sydney opera house...
"Oh you mean THAT view?" I see it all the time"
So you might have guessed, Taronga i a Zoo with a view (it rimes if you say it loud) Erika next to Tyra her class mate in 
Idunskolan (the school), so we were visiting the Zoo with the family Näsholm

Andreas next to Theo
The best parts of the zoo is where you had no fences between animals and visitors
It is a safe bet you can see kangaroos
"pretty cool heh?"

Cant help looking at those that look
A lovely Wombats that we finally got to see alive, the reason is that Johanna my second eldest daughter brought a 
"teddy"wombats from Australia to Erika many years ago.
Touch a snake, a python actually
Tyra, Theo, Erika

Touch and feel is of course a great experience- they had volunteers, mostly retired people that provided that, great job!
Bush Stone Curlew
Looked stoned to me...
"I know, don't get upset, they all take a lot of pictures, just ignore them..."

We ended the day going to Salsa and had spagetthi, desert and a lot of stories... Great day off from working on the boat.
Today we will be back working to finish up...