Dressed for success

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 29 Aug 2014 09:17
Bola, that's how you say Hi here and everybody greets you. BOLA!
We got into a finger dock yesterday, meaning we could extra charge our batteries, they have been a little bit strange lately.
Hopefully I can show you tomorrow what the power situation looks like. It is the opposite of NZ standard!
They wanted me to connect to an outlet in a bathroom....
I have had help from Graham on Mauni and Rich from Legacy to figure how to get the best out of the battery banks.
The challenge now is to get the batteries up to about 15 V each to clear the crystals from the plates. I think it is called equalization.
At the same time Ellinor and I have worked all day to get one D2 down and worse the inner stay.
Once the stay was down I had 14 meters of aluminum profile to take apart and then we packed the stays and it was time to send them off to Viti Levu.
The rigger wants them to make sure he makes exact replicas.
So now we can definitely NOT sail anywhere.
So it was time to get a Taxi and get to somewhere to send them off. I was prepared that it would take all afternoon.
I called on the radio and got a recommendation to use a local operator here in Fiji.
So I took a cab and asked how much to get there, 5 FD (2€)
Jumped and we took off like a rocket (and people think we are dangerous living on the ocean).
Dead stop in front of the building.
Get in with my rolled bundle of wire. The guy looks at it and asks to where, I show him the tag we had put on it.
He takes a form, fills in 4 words, gives it to me to sign. I do, he wants 15 FD (6€) for flying it to Vitu levu.
Great, I pay him and get a receipt, when I get out of the building the taxi is waiting for me and we shoot off.
Im back within 30 minutes!

Now comes some funny part about being here. When we sail to the islands we are expected to respect local traditions.
I will of course tell you more when we get there BUT we have to prepare and buy formal clothes.

Sulu is the main part of the dress and both men and women have skirts (I have a business model with thin stripes and pockets)

The total bill to dress the entire family in the latest Fiji fashion from the top of the top shop in Savu Savu, 130 FD (52€)
And the help we got was wonderful!