Life in a marina

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 14 Apr 2013 01:53
As we are working on getting the boat ready we can observe life in the marina.
A marina is alike a camping ground. You live close and the boats are from Norway,USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Australia and so on.
There are boats with couples and boats with children. There are boats with an owner that has got a crew from connecting on the webb. That part is actually most interesting, because you get to hear stories all the time, and people jump off and on and tell you about how bad that captain seems to be.
Yesterday there was a party where all yachties bring our own food and drink and get together.
A couple asked us how we can get along in such a small space, and we answered that we are doing fine, BUT HOW? Asked the woman, I'M SO SICK AND TYRED OF MY MAN AFTER FOUR MONTHS! At the same time the man that she talked about fell aside, he probably fell asleep from to much rum...
Other than that we have not seen any dramas, but sure enough relations are the most interesting part of living so close.

With what kind of boats do people sail around?
There are a few Hallberg Rassy (two in the marina), but the boat that seems to gain popularity is Alubat Ovni, a french aluminum boat.
Another boat I have never seen before but see a lot of now i called Amel-Maramu, especially popular among French sailors.
There is one Swedish Yacht. 1/3 of the boats are catamarans, some really big. There are some really ugly boats and then there is the beauty from Norway, Free Spirit.
The size of the boats is around 40 feet, but there are a good amount of 30 something feet boats.
Above 50 feet is very rare actually.
The typical visible equipment right now is Windscoops, a sort of "tent" that drives the wind into the boat and cools her down

The other thing are tents that "shade" the entire deck to cool it in the suns heat, the tent is just to shade

The absolute must is a bimini, a roof that covers the entire cockpit even under way.