How does it feel?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 8 May 2014 09:39
Everybody here keeps asking us how it feels to be back.
Maybe I can sort it our by writing...
At this moment I'm sitting in a huge lobby with shining marble floors and some muzac in the background.
Im waiting to be asked in to stage to perform for an audience of about 200 people.
On the way here I was first driven by Ellinor from her parents house on the country side that they generously let us use.
She took me to the bus stop. There I waited for a while and probably 15-20 cars with just one driver passed by without giving me one eye.
I was standing there and thought about Hiva Hoa, Fatu Hiva and how cars stopped as son as we were walking somewhere, they asked if we wanted to have a ride.
The bus arrived and almost every passenger was deeply involved in their smart phone. That is almost shocking, not even in NZ do you see so many people just looking down the screen.
Articles here about that women should not post messages on Facebook while they are breast feeding etc...
On the train you can see small one year old children's trying to get eye contact with a parent that is surfing or texting...
I'm feeling old...fashioned

How does it feel?
Strange, everything seems to be the same as 2 years ago-but yet we understand that life here is not at a standstill

How does it feel?
Well neutral- our home is the boat and the boat is not here.

The kids?
They just play and see opportunities. No problem.
Erika misses the school in NZ. She wants to move there.
Their jetlag has kept them low for a while but now they are coming.

Well that was a thought for now, we will see what happens in a month