Days go by, and that is life

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 23 Mar 2013 23:56
My stepmother often says: Days came and days went away, I did not know this was life...
Here in a place that is unbelievable days still go fast. Magical moments like last night when we where three families gathered on a small island that is as big as a big living room, with ONE palm tree in the middle, looks like a toy island. The kids chasing crabs, the adults enjoying storytelling... The sun goes down, we chat and think it will be dark soon, but that never happens, a big bright moon takes over. It is so bright we can see the bottom when we leave the island and go back to the boat.
Today we have school and that takes some of the day, I service the generator, that takes some time of the day, we make pasta and a soy tomaton sauce, that takes some time. Erika is picked up from friends that will go snorkeling and we take the dinghy soon thereafter to the small toyisland. Then the dishes have to be done, that takes some time. I write on my book as Ellinor is taking a nap. That takes some time. And suddenly the day is over, the sun goes down, the moon goes up and we brush our teeths and go to bed again.
But soon we have to see an end to this. We have to move on towards the Panama Canal, we will check out San Blas Monday, sail to Portobello Tuesday, hopefully having some eastern experiences. They have a death mass and it seemes that Portobello is some kind of pilgrimage in Panama.
After that we will hop to Colon and that's when all procedures start around the Canal passage. The boat has to measured etc. At the same time we have to be prepared to be self sufficient til November when we hope we arrive to New Zeeland. In the Pacific the food shopping is not the best.
Same goes with spare parts and technical problems. When we have passed the Canal we want to see some of Las Perlas and then shoot for Galapagos. But we take one step at the time. As we have done so far. And life goes on...