At sea again 20:02.5S169:47.2E

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 25 Apr 2015 23:47
Another bad night at anchor, the bay inside the reefs was giving us an uncomfortable swell.
Bur at about 7am activity started to get everything ready to unload ChezNouis.
The villagers ashore got their panga ready and Courage offered Jonathan to just hang on to the stern of Lil Explorer while unloading.
At 8 they came in through the reef in company with some pangas.
We got 5 people on board and with fenders on both sides tha pangas could start loading immidiately.
It was a great sight to see the efficiency and speed even though the rolling made it more challenging.
2 local women fell over board one panga and they got almost hysterical, we learned that people here are really afraid of sharks.
Once up on the stern of the catamaran they were laughing like they had looked death in the eyes.
Within one hour it was all done and Cheznouis set off towards Tana. She looked so light when she took off....
Kim, the chiropractor was ashore so I took her with me out and at 9.23 we were the last boat to hoist 60 meters of chain!
It was good to leave that anchorage and set sail. We left all smiles behind us and all the locals went to church as it is Sunday.
Now we have a nice easterly traedwind of 15 knots, sunshine, it is warm and the waves are just 1,5 meters high.
By 4 this afternoon we should be in Port Denarau and what happens next we will see.
Tana is an active vulcano so even if we have work to do a visit to the crater is a must.