1 man is worth 20 pigs

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 9 Nov 2014 19:41
Yesterday (Sunday) we went up really early to be picked up by the chief from south of the bridge.
We stood there waiting and while doing so Andreas made a plane with the aid of a fan that had been thrown out (yes they are not very catious with their own environment) and a big fallen tree.
But it seemes that nothing works out here as planned but most of the time to the better or just as good (how can you tell as you will only experience one of them?)
Walking down the street came a tall french gentleman and he stopped to talk with Ellinor (I was out walking to see if the chief had stopped by the STORE, he is very very thirsty).
The French man who had stopped to chat was no less than the Harbour Captain from New Caledonia. The real harbor mind you.
He was very nice and spoke really good english as he is married to an english woman (that helps).
He offered to take us on a tour as he had a car from the local administration.
We jumped in and learned he is here to teach the workers in the harbour to be more safe catious when working with loading and unloading ships.
For instance it is not good to work with bare feet...
He has been here and in Wallace on asignement for the APS, a new organisation formed to unite the small countries in the Pacific around issues that can be improved. The harbor masters name is Jan, and Jan had a great _expression_ for the islands around here, they are small like confetti.
So we had a great tour on the really bad road arond here and as we left him we invited him for dinner on board.
It was really interesting to learn how he sees things, how the French goverment thinks around having all these territories wich is both expensive and sometimes very hard (I guess for both parties).
Jan used to be in the French Navy before he had a family and then changed to managing different harbors like Marseille etc.
One thing that was astonishing was that he told us that with the men on the dock he spoke about accidents and how things are settled. He was told by the locals they do not involve police or anything if something happens, let's say you run over somebody with a car. No they settle that in an economic fasion and to give you an idea, if you kill a man you can pay the family 20 pigs (the more I think about it the more it becomes hilarious, I wonder if Ellinor looks at me sometimes and thinks of 20 pigs....)
What is really amazing, is that when you are in your own country you make a diference between somebody from Stockholm and Gothenburg, if you go away from home to another country nearby, then you are all Swedes. And here it is enough to be European.
Maybe EU could use it somehow???
I guess when you make a space walk and see another human, that's what you say "oh you are from earth? We are pals, aren't we?"