Five minutes from zero

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 22 Jul 2012 20:29
Tonight we are anchored outside New Haven. The sun has been shining on us all day and we have been softsailing with 4-5 knots of wind. Lazy lazy, feels like vacation.
But old Luther is with us, as we sail along we are repairing things. Of course we are helping the children and there is a lot of time spent in cooking and cleaning after the meals. No dishwasher and no washing machine!
Anyway, we are now on N50.46.066 E00.05.371 wich means we are very very close to Greenwich. As some might know that means we are crossing the 0 line on longitude. Since we left home that means we have made it from 18 degrees East to zero, tomorrow we will move to the west of the 0 meridian. If we manage to circumnavigate this planet we have to make it 360 degrees (of course!), but each degree is part of our coordinates when we navigate. The longitude runs 180 degees west and 180 east from here, meeting at the other side of the earth and become the dateline (where one day changes to another). We have also passed the first timeline as England is one hour behind.
By the way if you are interested in the subject read the thrilling book Longitude, a faboulus story about how that problem was solved by a clockmaker and not by the high ranked researchers at Greenwinch...

Staffan Ehde
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