Backwatch 30 months

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 2 Nov 2014 07:24
No I'm not getting sentimental, I have just finished a book about the "Power of Purpose" (went to the editor yesterday) and now I'm getting to finishing the book about Sailing Nomads and I need to convince Ellinor about writing the medical&health chapter in it.

So I was starting to look in the photo library for some starting point pictures, not many publish pictures from all the work before you get going.
It took us 3 years to downsize and get away.

 This picture from when we moved out of our house (in Vikingshill), on the wall there is a small map showing our planned route...

The kids loved playing in the empty rooms, what they liked best was to eat on the floor

This is Andreas the last winter in Sweden (January 2012), he is practicing navigation on a "temporary" draft....

This feels so long ago, I think we have learned a lot since then and the kids have grown up to small independent humans (well that has 2 sides)

At the same time we acquired "Sanyati of Kiriba" in Falmouth, an enormous task to take for us but we had the best help that could have happened to us, 
Mary and Kelvin. To us a boat that weighted 17 tons was monstrous, HUGE! And I remember first time I stood at the steering wheel to 
take her into a dock my legs were shaking 

The kids (how small they where) just moved in and took their new home in possession 

First time steering Salsa into the waters of Southern England  was big... (2011)

But I still have to pinch myself to believe this is happening and that the kids are just taking it in

And as if it was not enough things move on at home, my adult children form a life of their own

Lisa (my eldest) and Johanna (my second)

Navigating back into the Pacific, Salsa is our home and she brings us to new adventures...

The ocean is not as frightening and and even there we have our routines...

Our wintery landscape has changed to a tropical

And we are experiencing things you only see on TV... The other night we  saw a documentary from BBC about the Pacific and the
kids kept saying, "we have seen it!"