First tooth

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 6 Jan 2015 05:19
After a lot of rain yesterday we have had a great day of sunshine today. Very calm but we are in the middle of a mixed pattern and a low rotating around the area, so we can expect thunder and heavy showers.
Last night Andreas came in to us with his first tooth that he lost.  Today his s-sound is more like f-sound.
After a morning with school and book work the afternoon was spent differently. The kids were ashore with one of the boys from Lady Carolina and I was hunting with Steve and his oldest son on a big coral reef. The problem is that as soon as we show up some sharks get curious and maybe they even know that there might be some food. Steve lent me his speargun and after 45 minutes I spotted a quite big tunalike fish. I shot it and it swam like crazy into a cave, soon thereafter came a very energetic shark and somehow I lost the fish.
Steve got a fish and swam fast to the dinghy to get it out of the water. I think he got something called a lumber jack or something like that.
Ellinor spent the afternoon writing. Now we are back, had a great meal with spagetthi and spinnach, Ellinor had sort of prepared so we could swap to fish if I would have come home with one. No hunting luck but the reefs and the enormous amount of fish is a pleasure to experience.
Most fish you just do not want to hunt, because of size or because of not knowing if we want to eat it.