Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 22 May 2013 22:06
Since Ellinor never writes I tried to catch her for a short interview to be posted on this blogg, she was tired, but it might give the mood, so lets try and translate it:
Maybe the questions arent good, but pls do not hesitate to write and ask if you wish. To interview your own wife isn't easy.
S:Can we start? (She has just got out of bed it is 16.00, her turn to take the watch)
E:Well I'm not really awake (she is sitting in the cockpit, the low sun hits her face, she wears polaroids, a T skirt and underpants)
S: Talking about sleep, how is that going on a long passage?
E:It differs but it usually get's better along the way. Of course we get tired.
S: any advice to others that intend to do the same?
E:to really try to sleep when you are off watch
S:Is sleep the biggest challenge when sailing?
E: As far as we know now yes, but we haven't been through everything yet
S:What about roles connected to gender on board?
E:A lot of the roles gets stronger, it is easy that Staffan takes the engine and technical matters and I take the laundry and cleaning
S: How can you change that?
E: I think it s about stepping out of the comfort zone.
S: Do you see it on other boats?
E:On some boats it is even stronger
S: A lot of people wonder how you can cope with each other 24/7
E: Well it is nice to be just us now for a while until we reach next destination. Then we will probably be social again with other yachthies and families with children.
S: Well I think I meant how do you cope with just being the family on board such a small vessel for let's say 24 days
E:Oh, Im not the right person to ask, Im not impulsive and the only conflicts we have to solve on board are the kids actually
S: Do you get any exercise on a long haul like this?
E: You do not sit like a sack of potatoes, and the rolling of the boat forces you to counteract and that in turn comes out as exercise,
but it will be nice to come ashore and be able to take long steps on a walk again, yes. And to swim.
S. Aren't you ever afraid?
E: Not yet
S: Do you ever ask yourselfe where you are bringing the children?
E:Yes, I think we are having a great adventure together and they seem to be happy and enjoy it
S: Is there anything that came out different from what you thought?
E: I thought we would sit and read, play games and live a laid back life. But reality is keeping us busy all the time, it is the social life, the exploraions, all work in a house hold, maintanance, but it is no problem with that, we are doing it together.
S: What is the most positive surprise so far on this journey?
E. Columbia, it was a surprise, so nice and adventurous. Galapagos was also great, but I expected it to be that. Another surprise is that there are so many nice people sailing around.
S: What is the biggest draw back?
E: I did not know that we where going to be short on electricity most of the time... (She yawns and asks to be excused)
The author might comment on the electricity issue if anybody is interested. But we have only one dicussion that comes back all the time on board. Our fridge is bombarded with water bottles to be cooled because everybody loves ice cold water. In my opinion that brings electricity consumption to a new level. We have to produce all electricity ourselves and the main source is the sun and the wind. Eventually we have to use the generator, especially when we produce water. It is funny beacuse Fatty Godlander ( a very well known author of books about sailing around the world, very funny indeed as well) refuses to take a fridge on board on their boat, because he means that a fridge brings electricity problems on board, espacially in hot climate.
In any case, it is amazing how fast things have moved, just 30-50 years ago a long hauler sailed with kerosene lamps and one battery for the radio. Thats it.
Now we have windlass (ankarspel), hydraulic furling (that uses electricity as well), reading lights, saloon lights, shaving light, toilet light,wardrobe lights, VHF, SSB, Plotters, Navtex,Computers, Ipads, Iphones, ebook readers, screw driver, food mixer, electric tooth brushes, wind instruments, speed and temperature, depth. No wonder we have an issue with electricity...
I think it s good that we realize/experience how much we use not taking anything for granted.