Going to Auckland

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 7 Jan 2014 17:14
Today I will go to Auckland to check out 2 cars. I really would like to be without wheels but it seems like it is hard to get around without one.
Yesterday was the ideal day. All morning I was working on my new speech while Ellinor and the kids went away to buy uniforms for the school.
Then I made lunch and they came home with fresh baguettes. As Ellinor took her afternoon nap I took the kayak for a long tour.
No drama. Just a wonderful tour with the sun getting really warm now.
Back to the boat we had afternoon coffee. I suggested we take the bikes to check out a small headland with tall trees and a nice lawn. I had seen it from the kayak.
We went there and as the kids played with a long swing that comes down from a tall tree, Ellinor and I practiced yoga. It is probably the 4th or fifth day in a row that we do that. Ellinor is a great instructor. She looks great when she bends her body parts in different directions, you can tell she has been a ballet dancer for a decade.
If we keep doing this my body might even be able to point in all directions...The hardest part when you have your left arm behind your right knee while you look at yourself from behind...