Salsa is a mix

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 17 Jul 2015 06:12
We have learned that Salsa means a "mixture of about anything".
Being back in Sweden we left "mixture of about anything" in Pittwater.
Now she is floating there waiting for a new owner. She looked really fine when we left her.
She was in a much better state than when we bought her, now we really wish she wont be having to wait there
for so long.
It is so strange, in one moment you live one life and the next you are back home, like somebody took you away with a giant force from a dream.
And of course an airplane is a giant force that moves people to a different place with a roar. Some cry on their way as they have to leave somebody behind and some cry of happiness when they
are finally going to meet their longed for.
When flying from one side of the world to the other the movement is so fast that your soul is left behind- so they say - and jetlag is actually your body trying to survive without soul until it has caught up with you.
Compared to sailing it is a violent movement, 3 years floating on a couple of oceans, three years with speeds of 5-8 knots.
We decided when to change the clock on a passage, and the biggest change in that was that somebody got an extra hours watch or an extra hour of sleep.

Now what happened the last days in Australia?
As Ellinor was recommended a yoga place with some extraordinary good teachers we headed for that in Sydney.
The problem was communication, we wanted to stay with the van so we had toilet and power to be able to sleep warm at night and at the same time Ellinor had to be there early in the morning.
The drawback of living in your vehicle is that if you need it everybody and everything has to go with it.
But after her first yoga session she asked around if anybody knew a caravan site closer to where we where.
A really nice guy called Marty offered to let us stay on the road by his apartment, we could use his facilities and thereby we got to know him.
He designs the most magnificent bikes I have seen!
But unfortunately I got really sick and the last days when we had to empty the boat of our cargo to fly with and clean up the last bit was like a cloud. A nightmarish cloud, it had to be done but coughing and a fever that made the whole body in pain was almost to much.
Finally we could return the camper van and were suddenly in a hotel room with 180 kg of stuff.
Next day we flew off and of course Ellinor and Erika went down the sickness path...

But now we are in Sweden and it is painfully beautiful at this time of the year. We were welcomed with clear skies as the plane approached Stockholm, the green the blue and the wonderful landscape beats it all. It is home and here nobody keeps asking us how long we are staying for and why we are here (yes it gets really tiring with customs and immigration, especially in Australia and New Zealand that seem to be worried that everyone is a potential lunatic).

At the airport we were welcomed by Ellinors parents who not only helped us with the extensive luggage but they prepared the most delicious meal you can be welcomed with in Sweden!
My eldest daughter and her husband had also left their car at the airport so we can use it while they are in Italy. What a luxury! Sit behind the wheel of a black Volvo S60 and try to keep in mind that it is right hand traffic now!!!!!