Darwinism in a boat

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 30 Nov 2013 07:32
I told you before, if you want to know how the skipper is organized, open his top drawer by the navigation table.
It is amazing, in our case you will find every item that is important in case of...
And you will find items that we really do not know where they belong but look important...
And surely enough, I will take the spinnaker pole down for service and realize a very special screw is missing, and I will find it in...because when Ellinor found it on deck she put it there.
One thing is interesting about a confined space, it is a rule we found out:
If there is space, something will occupy it.
Now you might think that is how, we humanoids will put something in there. But no. This is worse.
As soon as you lift something out, something else will fall into that place. Because on a boat you work with several layers of stuff.
Also if I open the lid on the navigation table, you can be certain things will pop in between so when I close, things are in the way. Guaranteed.
That made me think of evolution, that as soon as there is an opening, somebody will occupy it. I had no idea though that Darwinism could be applied to dead things...

What's up?
Today we checked the town of Kerikeri with Miss My who have bought a car.
We also went to a supermarket and that experience is still a little stressful since we have not seen such a huge
assortment of food and stuff since I don't know when (Panama probably).
It is amazing the amount of choice we have in a store in the western world.