A day full of activities

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 6 Oct 2012 18:48
After taking it easy, and adapting to the beach, climate etc. We had a day that happened to be a lot going on.
First in the morning Erika and I went to the museum that was supposed to be Columbus house when he lived in Porto Santo.
He was married and got one son here before he took off to prove that the world was round.
This visit was the "Floating school" in action...

There was actually a special room for education that we borrowed so we could work with the questions Erika wanted to have answered.
Something we prepared beforehand

The aid they used at that time to find out lattitude, as you might know it took long before the longitude was solved withe the aid
of the chronometer.

While we worked, Andreas and Ellinor prepared a picnic in the park. It was great coming out in the sun
and get a frezash salad, fresh bread etc.

To some the siesta is important

The pier that stretches out of the city, great beaches on both sides.

After that it was time for a bus tour. We had decided with other families in the harbor to make it together with all the kids.

The western part of the island. Far in the background you can see Madeira

One of Erikas english friends

Some of the boatkids on the top of the island

Great company, from UK, Germany and Holland

Our harbor from above, Salsa is in front of the catamaran

East of the harbor

West of the harbor