Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 10 May 2015 18:41
Nice morning, no clinic as Shannon was well enough to take care of the rest in Bongil Bay.
I had school with the children and Andreas is learning to read and write with super speed, now he has uncovered the secret code!
We had lunch and then I went ashore to add some medicine to the delivery that was made here by ChezNouis. I met David ashore and we took a walk in the village. It is a rather big village with 500 plus people, the houses are built in all kinds of different materials that makes it look like
a trashy little place. The hurricane did not add to its image. David was very nice and he took me to his yachtclub - to be.
He has had this dream of building a yachtclub and hopefully get more boats to stop here. According to his little guestbook he has been working on his club since 2006 and is still far from done.
LilExplorer showed up by 2 pm and they had a party of people with them. A sick woman that need to go to Port Vila for treatment and her relatives.
They took them ashore to stay with family here and when meeting the relatives they found out that a woman had been hit in her head by her angry husband. He had used a log so Shannon needed to stitch her. Sad, the family decided there and then to take her home to their village and end the relation. One guy who was going to report to the chief wanted Shannon to tell him how bad it was....
Well what do you say? In our society you would go to trial for that.
On Salsa we had decided to cater LilExplorer with food and we made pumpkin curry with rice, plus a chutney. Very popular!
The evening ended with a tough game of UNO. It is funny to play on LilExplorer because the rules are changing all the time and there is a lot of argument going on...
Today we will take off to PortNelson on the eastern coast of Eromango. We are counting on afternoon clinic for Ellinor and Kim who is going with us. ChezNouis went there yesterday to check the situation and to have the word out that we are coming.
LilExplorer is leaving us now to be in Port Vila and get Cassidy on a plane back home.