Stockholm-Karlskrona 09.07S 135.22W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 6 Jun 2013 15:35
It is 7 o clock local time (-9hrs UTC), we have 200 Nautical Miles to go, wich is about the same as sailing from Stockholm to Karlskrona.
Funny enought we think nothing of it, that is such a short bit! The kids cut off 2 degrees from their "Degreecalender" and now there are only 3 left. The sun is shining warm (already!), the wind is breezing with only 8 knots and we are making about 5 knots of speed.
Another night has passed, and being on watch from 4-8 in the morning means that the kids will come to you like sunshines and begg for breakfast. -Daddy, I'm so huuuungry!  That starts reflexes within you and it is amazing that out here I can open a cold fridge and get newly made yougurth out of it, and prepare a morning meal. Last night we saw a fishing boat just 5nM from us and I thought it was a funny sign of being out here alone for so long that Ellinor told me she had watched it for 1,5 hours.
We will see what this day has in it for us
Oh I just remembered, it is the Swedish National Day today! Maybe we should let our flag out! (We usually roll it in when we are far out at sea, nobody can see it and it just gets worn by the wind and the sun)