Tikka Masala 03.28N 81.17W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 26 Apr 2013 04:04
Another day at sea. Another day with new challenges.
Last night the little bird that decided to go to Galapagos with us was offered the bathroom as a resort. The little bird took a place and we left the hatch open if he/she wanted to leave.
This morning the kids came out crying, the little bird was dead! We have no idea why of course.
Next challenge has been that Ellinor has gotten intense migreans (Im not sure how to spell it, in Swedish: Migrän)
so she needs to sleep a lot and I have to take more watches, but it has worked well. Erika is so sweet she offers to share the watches with me. We will start doing a light version where we do not put our lives on her shoulders.
Making dinner looked so boring, we had one more fish in the fridge that needed to be eaten, and it was time to do something different.
Spanish Mackerel Tikka Masala! Dada! Elinor liked it, the kids had sausages with pasta and ketchup. So much for that creativity...
Next challenge was how to get embarassed at sea... Read a book. Well how can I explain it...
We got 2000 e-books on two dvd:s in Las Palmas. They are well organised and I found quite a few really good ones.
Then I stumbled upon Madonna as author in the crowd of other writers in these files. Mind you, we are looking at Edgar Allan Poe etc.
So there is this book by Madonna with the title SEX. Well what can she write about that? Something philosophical? Some explanations?
Nothing obviously. I turned the first page electronically on my black and white Kindle, and there was a picture I would not dare to show to my children.
OK is that an introduction? Lets go to the next... Oh no! I look around at this endless sea and wonder if anybody can see me.
Well it does not matter, the book is deleted now. I do not recommend it. Madonna cannot write, she can only pose and that...
Next challenge today was actually coming up an hour ago, no wind. Yes now it finally came, the NO WIND SITUATION that everybody fears on the way to Galapagos. Pacific turns Pacific so to say.
Right now the engine is running and we are hoping we are not to far away from the southerly trades that should show up by 2 degrees N.
We are heading to cross the equator by 84 W to get favorable currents, and then stay close south of the equator line til Galapagos.
The currents are strong in that region and you do not want to work against them, The seas will also get steeper if they work against the flow of the water.
As we cross the equator we have to baptise everybody by Neptune. Any good ideas on how to do this? My hair will not grow long before we reach 0 degrees (or so I hope)....