Macho in the toilet

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 1 Jun 2013 22:10
We have one true macho onboard, and that is Andreas. He is the one who refuses to sit when he does nr 1.
That leaves us with some cleaning work but today unfortunally his resistance did not pay off.
The other thing he does to our grief is to slam open doors and he does not care if they lock in open or closed position. That means we can all be in the cockpit and suddenly hear a SLAM! and that is of course a door left open that the waves closed with some dynamite sound.
That did not pay off eithér to our small 5 year old macho.
This morning he slammed the toilet door open and held himself on the part of the door where the hinges are and the wave slammed the door closed on his little pointing finger while he was doing nr 1. Poor boy, Ellinor does not think anything is broken but it is smashed. Now he walks around the boat with his index finger pointing right up.Hopefully that was the drama for today.
Pink pankakes, what do you say about that? Well I think they look absurd, the kids love it, Ellinor and Erika put a few drops of food dye and WOFFFF! you have very pink pankakes!
Well at least that's exciting for a family that has not seen anything but sea for 14 days (OK dolphins one day)
This 1st of June we have sailed 2193nM, wich is about 200 more than sailing the Atlantic.We have 855nM to go before we are in Fatu Hiva.
We are at 5S with good winds waiting for tomorrow afternon and see whats happening with the big waves coming in. If we are lucky they will have LOOOOOONG periods and we can aim for Fatu Hiva directly.
My guessing is that we will be there friday or saturday a week from now.