19.:43 S 171:17E Apartment we are looking for

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 20 Apr 2015 01:42
Now we have 88 nM to go. The sea feels very calm compared to what we had. Only 2 meter waves.
Today we fired up the watermaker to make sure it works. Has been off since Aug 2014.
No problems at all, in goes salt water out comes pure fresh water-magic!
Last night when off watch I was just thinking how we live and how it would translate to an apartment when we move ashore.
This is what we would look for, without feeling lost so to speak:
Apartment that is 14 meters long and 4 meters wide. Divided into 3 rooms and a saloon with kitchen.
40 square meters in all. Kitchen should be a miniumum of 2 square meters including fridge, oven, work bench, 2 sinks and cupboards.
Toilet and shower only need to´be big enough so you can close the door once you decided what to do in there. If you change your mind, open the door and do it over.
One room with floor size of 1/3 square meter and two beds that end together
One room with 1,3 square meter floor and two bunks.
and so on...
If the floors can be opened for storage, great!
If there is a machine room- no thank you.
The balcony needs to be 1,5 square meter with two benches opposing each other and a foldable table in between.
Weather protection is great. Instruments to read wind etc would add the experience. No steering wheel as they take up space.
This apartment only need two solar panels and one wind vane. Water consumption in the family is 7 litres per person per day.
If the house is on loose ground no problem, we can take it.
Pls answer to
To be serious, if anybody has any connection in Norrtälje, that could help us fnd an apartment or house for rent, we appreciate your input.