A better day

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 13 Jun 2013 05:49
After another full nights sleep this project feels a little better today. A special thanks for advices coming by e-mail. The best one I think from Pim on Nelly Rose: to take a break. Actually we will run into a 3-4 months brake when the hurricane season comes to the Pacific in November.
So we think we should really plan for where to go so we can have a good time ashore. I think those that fully undertsand the burden are others on the same journey.I think that back home most will think that this is just a luxury problem, and it is! But even so, we have to provide our own electricity, water, safety and comfort. And as my daughter Johanna asks, -can't you cut down on the technique on board?
Of course you can, and as famous sailor/author Fatty Godlander writes:- Hells starts when you carry on board a fridge, because that's when your supply of electricity runs out, it is when you will have concerns about spoiled food etc.
And we are spoiled with pressurised water, showers, fans, radar, electric windlass, hydraulic furling, computers etc.
The problem is if one of those things are standing still for more than 14 days it will just get frozen and gone for ever.
So we have to live with the stuff we got with the boat and when everything works it is great.
The day has been a short day of work, Ellinor finished her sewing work, I inspected the hull underneath and found no evidence of the hit we had out in the ocean. Then we went ashore to eat local food a couple make on a BBQ, it was supposed to be in their home, but we where so many that we ended up by the shore where the river comes out into the sea.
We learned more about how you can cook bread fruit and tried it tonight on board. We also tried fresh water shrimps they have here on the island. Grilled tuna of course, rice cooked in coconut milk, banana cake etc.
Then  we went to see the wood artist that is making me a paddle, yes I have ordered a traditional paddle they use here.
We where there for hours, they had a kid and they offered us all sorts of fruits and it was great to be in their garden and home, the kids playing like crazy. A french family came by with their kids as well.