Thank you letter

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 30 Sep 2014 18:27
Hallo Peter, finally I got your email adress and can thank you for the Mustang Andreas got as a gift from you.
This plane is performing incredibel stunts every day, it starts from boats that are the size of ... the plane, and it makes dangerous loopings past the galley, it flies under our armpits and with a sound of a broken lawnmover it makes an emergency landing in a sea bunk.
This plane does not have any propeller any more, but that's because you can't see the propeller when it is making 6000 revs per second and the pilot has no glass shield but it does not matter because it is superman or spiderman who flies it.
The wheels are still there and they are important, they always go in and come out accordingly to the landing and take off procedures.
You could easily say that the plane has probably flewn a couple of hours every day and is involved in every game possible. Even Andreas bigger syster Erika has banned him from playing with her. The simple reason is that when she builds a doll house and invites Andreas to play his part of the game he will come flying in with saliva spraying all over the place and that puts her off. A spitting Mustang that can cut off the heads of dolls does not belong to her ideal world of relations. Well Andreas tryes again by saying that his plane can talk, but that does not help and his plane has to go and talk to other cars and the small planes from Dusty. Oh, yes I forgot to mention the Mustang has eyes now, something you should consider to put on your plane maybe?
Just kidding.
Again, thank you and you probably understand this is his favourite toy (even though I tried to show him that it is not a toy, it is a nice stand that goes with it and you put it on a shelf)
Hope you had a great time in US
Staffan on Salsa