No wind, only heat, running with the dinghies

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 16 Sep 2012 07:54
So we are still in Ria Arosia, enjoying the great weather. We are at anchor in a bay with a beach that is very shallow. Good for the children, less so for the adults. Actually it must have looked quite funny the other day, all families with 4 dinghies at the beach.
The tide started to go low. At a point we had to walk about 50 meters with the dinghies so we helped each ther out, all carrying one dinghy to the waterline, then we went up for the next and so on. But the tide was going down so fast, as we came with the fourth dinghy the first one was again 25 meters from the water. So we kept on running with the tide and finally cought up...
The kids have a great time playing with each other. Ellinor is now running on the beach with Emma from SY Elin, they do it in the morning before the heat goes up. I have put together the kayak and will go for a ride when she comes back. We have dolphins in the bay and I hope they will not play with me. Our plan is to move on by tuesday as the wind will start again. At the same time there is a hurricane moving across the Atlantic and is by now at the Azores, in about ten days there will be some effect on these waters as well, probably gales and big waves, so we will move small steps at the time. Still aiming for Madeira of course.