Beating the wind andthe waves 02.03N 83.44W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 27 Apr 2013 20:32
It looks like we finally got out of the thunder and lightning part of this trip. Today I colllected the wires that have connected the rigg with the water, some protection if we are hit (Ellinor thinks they are pathetic).
When we got south of the Doldrums the sea from the North met the Sea from the South, it was smooth and a little confused, but nothing what it could be I guess.
And as we got south we met the Southerly winds that unfortunally are SW right now, this means we have to beat against it.
There is also some current slowing our progress and we make 4.5-5 knots over ground.
And the waves crash on our bow all the time.
Yesterday we hade some dolphins close to the boat, that was long ago. Excitement of course!
This is a hard leg, several boats talked about  being tired on the short wave radio this morning (as if boats could speak on the radio). There has been a mix of no wind, to much wind, thunderstorms, wind from opposite direction etc.
As I was mumbling about another thunderstorm, Erika said:- I love thunderstorms!
-Why? I asked
-Because you throw in all pillows and madrasses from the cockpit and we can play with them in the saloon! Jump, build houses etc...
If we look ahead it might look like we can make Galapagos in five days from now. But that is IF the wind veers S to SE , if not we will get an extra big tack to actually make landfall. We are aming for Isla Isabela.