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Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 3 Aug 2012 07:53

> Thank you Christina, Anders, Alexandra and Nicholai for coming and sailng with us! But why did you take the nice weather with you back to Sweden?
> As we experienced Swanage, with all the shows and excitement, we have to move on to Falmouth. We have Mary, Kelvin and Billy waiting for us to take care of a few things on Salsa. One of the diesel tanks has to be cleaned and an inspection hole to be cut. Right now we use only one tank. Then we have riggers that are going to check the rigg. And the least funny installation is exchanging our great Raymarine plotter with a new one. For the only reason that
> Jeppsen that produces the charts, charge so much that maps for our trip pays a new plotter and maps for the whole circumnavigation!
> Anyway we left Swanage the day before yesterday after setting up a strategy, to use a short windchange at night and to work hard on getting to Brixham.
> Well, we left anchorage and as soon as we got out to sea the wind was doubble the strength predicted and we found ourselves not liking the situation at all.
> So we turned back not really knowing where to go. Ended up in a nice and quite anchorage outside Poole. Well soon we got a neighbourgh that anchored just 20 meters from us, no problem as long as the wind was steady from west, but I knew it was going to change. So that fellow kept me jumping up all night to check the situation. Next time I will stop this before they settle and go to bed.
> Now it is the 31st of August and Im typing as we move along with great speed. Just passed the "Portland Race" one of the most dangerous places to pass on the Sout Coast of England if you are not aware of tides, stream etc.
> We are aiming for Brixton again and have to be there before the tought weather sets in wensday lunch. There is a low pressure coming in over England and we probably have to take it easy a few days. One really bad experience right now are the charges in the harbours around the olimpic games. In Poole they charged us 67 Pounds per night!
> All on board feel well and right now they are all sleeping. Ellinor took the watch til midnight and I will take it til we hit the dock.