Do not be afraid

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 21 Mar 2015 01:53
When something goes broke we are taught to throw things away. There is no meaning to repair anything anymore.
My e-book reader an old Kindle that I really like started to fade in the "electronic ink", than came the death crack, somebody probably sat on it while it was 
away on another boat (thats the stupid thing about e-books, if you want someone to read your book you have to either lend them your machine or "steal" the content.
As we cannot buy new stuff here I checked the internet if I could fix it.
Check, amazing site with all kinds of instructions how to....
Anyway it did not lok to bad:
then I could see it live on youtube:

So I ordered an new screen for 27 dollars from China, it came after 14 days and today was the day to see if I would make it!

The new screen in the box awaiting, battery taken out...

13 screws and 5 cables to take apart- not to bad- but sensitive!

Mother board is out, you can see the cracked screen from behind

When it gets to small you hire your crew mate to connect cables that are 1 mm wide and 0,004mm thick

Done! And it works! Like new! The message is, never be afraid to take things apart before you throw them, I have done that with our electric mixer a couple of times.
When we were in NZ it broke and as we were in consumption territory we looked for a new one, but none really suited our needs.
I finally got tired of looking and took it apart, fixed it and it has worked since then. The more I do this the better I get on doing it.

Yes I know I know, at home we have a job and no time to sit at the kitchen table and take the hair dryer apart (wow who needs one?), but it is an environmental
question as well, everything we throw has to be piled up somewhere and the piles are growing...