Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 28 Aug 2013 17:44
It is morning in Avatiu, the sun is coming up. The morning is chilli for us, 23 degrees C.
Had a full night sleep after 4 days of 4 hour waches.
And... a bottle of New Zealand Spumante (bubble wine).
Next to us is a tall ship called Picton Castle. They should have left yesterday, their goal, a tall ship race in Australia.
We bumped in to Mark, the doctor on board, a very nice man. He ended up taking the kids on board and showing them around.
Erika said afterwards that she thinks Salsa is better (thank god so we do not need a crew of 20 people!).
The little we walked around here it seemes much more quite and basic than FP.
People are really nice and we heard that if we need a ride we just show a hand...
For those who are interested- technical problem and how you find out with a good nose
When we left Bora Bora, we went through the pass with the engine.
After shutting it off I made my usual safety round (as you run things when you leave for a passage, some problems occur imidiately and I want to know that so we can turn and fix it). In the aft cabin was some smoke, that made us go through the whole cabin, opening everything that can be opened. But we found nothing. At the end we thought that the wind had pushed smoke through the an open hatch.
We even started the engine again to see if we had anything coming, but it did not.
We sailed on and after three days at sea we had some confused winds and we where in the middle of a squall (they usually turn winds around and mess things up with the sails), so we started the engine. After it had been running an hour or so Ellinor brought me into the aft cabin and we could smell exhaust fumes, but very very light.
Search again. Found nothing. Then Ellinor came up with the right question. -Is there any possibility that fumes could come in through any holes from our outer compartments?
The answer I had was, that yes, it could. When I installed the SSB radio, I found a small metallic tube that lead cables into the boat for the antenna cable.
So I went out to the outer compartments, opened up the one where the exhaustpipe with cooling water comes and goes thorugh the hull.
And there we had the problem. The entire exhaust pipe had come loose from the fitting and was now splashing hot water and fumes all over the place.
We could shut off the engine, and since it was dark and raining I saved the investigaion til the next day.
Next day I found that it has probably corroded or it is a bad connection made with some glue material. When I look at the connection between an L tube in metallic and the fitting it all looks "home made".
That has to fixed here, since we can also take in water through that hole, when leaning to baboard.
Well its a boat, you know!