Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 5 Sep 2014 07:52
Today we have worked in 30 degrees to get the new stays in place.

We traded place with Legacy who had a place by the dock.

And then we started to work with our new stays that I picked up at the airport yesterday.
Airport, by the way, a landing strip with a small kiosk, and the airplane that arrived was really small.

We had to grind the eyes to get the inner stay into the profiles, the rigger had done 8mm instead of 7.
Ellinor was in the mast most of the day and I was up 2 shorter sessions, one to get a stay down that simply would not let the pin go
and one time I had to go up to tune and tension the D2:s

We are now totally exhausted and had a beer and curry food at a local restaurant. Two big curry meals with bread etc 15 FD (4,5€) in total.
The kids went to their own restaurant and had fish & chips plus cola (11 FD), with a kid from another boat that is here.

I think we will sleep well tonight!
The boat is in shape again! Time to look at the weather!