Broken Nose

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 8 Sep 2013 19:56
As I entered the boat, my feet slipped and I fell right out in the air and came down head first in the saloon. A landing that was hard on my forehead, nose and a cut on the leg. Unfortunally I broke my nose, I could actually hear the crack when I hit the hard wood on the pillar that goes from floor to ceiling  by the navigation table.
The hit was so hard that the skin outside of the nose broke and there was a clear cut. So I was bleeding from the inside and outside.
Ellinor looked at the nose and said imidiately that it was broken, so she took the hankerchief from the galley, took a firm grip of the nose and pulled it back in place. A big crack was heard in my head again. It was painful, believe me.
As I was on the floor with the hankerchief around my nose, Erika was sitting next to me crying. She was scared I would not survive.
Ellinor called Miss My and asked for assistance. Olof came over, helped us ashore and took the kids to their boat.
We took a taxi that Ellinor ordered and went to the hospital.
Checked in, waited in the waiting room. There where about 3 other people. A television was on with a terrible film, there was violence all the time. They killed each other every second. And next to the TV was a sign saying:Please do not use abusive language in the hospital area.
That was funny, even behind a swollen, bleeding nose.
Of all things, the doctor we met was a big guy, a rugby player! He looked at my nose, and said that Ellinor got it right. And he also said that in rugby that is so common you do not even bother...
So they started to talk about that Rarotonga need doctors, especially those that work with children...
Back home, I went to bed, felt a little bit tired, the kids came back, fed with swedish meatballs and potatoes.
The night has been so and so, hard to sleep when you happen to put the nose in the pillow or anything like that it hurts...
Other than that?
It´s kind of a nice life we are living here. We went to the market yesterday, bought a lot of vegetables. Looked at some dancing and a drum performance. Their drums are incredible.
It s funny how smal this place is. Just after two weeks you cannot go far before you meet somebody you recognise. And they recognise you and talk.
There are some Swedish guys that live on this island. David has a printingbusiness here. He is over 70, looks like 60. He came here because he was at sea and his friend decided to go ashore. The friend took a dart arrow, and hit a worldmap, it ended right on this island.
At that time it belonged to NZ, so he mailed and asked for a list of companies in Rarotonga. Got it, closed his eyes and pointed. Took that company, sent them a letter asking if they needed him. The did.
Then David followed...
We have Janne, married to a local woman. He sailed in here over 20 years ago and went to a dance, and there he met her...
We have Staffan who is an optician, lives in NZ, moved there from Stockholm and started a optics store (do you call it that?)
but he finds Cooks being nicer so he lives here now...
Everything is so small and peaceful that we can let the children run off on their own. The older kids from Miss MY and Erika went on their own picnic yesterday.
The boys played at the playground.
The kids actually go there by themselfe.
They love it here. The size is good for small people...
Our plans?
Monday we will go to the ministry of healt and ask if they need a doctor, in that case, if they are fast we will drop off stuff here and sail the boat to a good place for the hurricane season, Fiji, Raiatea or somewhere else. And then fly back here and live for four months or so (ashore).
If it does not work out, and we do not count on that it will be so, we continue to Niuee on tuesday.
If you remember Blue Marble, the boat with the Norwegians that had sailed with their parents as children and now do their own trip.
Well it seemes to be over. Their boat is totally destroyed on a reef in Niuee. When they where ashore their mooring gave up and the boat drifted ashore.
We where told this yesterday by another Norwegian boat here in the harbour.