How to stab a dinghy

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 10 Oct 2012 16:55
This morning I had to start with repair of our dinghy. The reason is that we had it in the aft deck yesterday and when we landed the fish it ended in the dinghy. As I was saying out loud : " I have to be careful with the dinghy" I was going to kill the fish with the knife and it somehow moved aside and the dinghy got "killed" instead.
Well it was a very nice and clean hole to repair... And the fish tasted much better...
Then we took a walk in the mountains that are just above us, the children ended up feeding lizards with their "emergency food".
We have also snorkeled around a cave and Andreas loves this new world he encountered recently.
Erikas school has been about Columbus and we are practicing a lot of english.
It is amazing to live this life just being with the family and make sure the boat works fine.
Last night Ellinor and I talked about life, above us teh milky road was shining, no moon was up yet and the stars where bright.
I miss my father a lot, I think it has to do with the travelling. If he had been around he would have kept close track of us and he was always curious on what happened when one was away. Curious, not judging, not questioning.
I think not working and moving at high speed like we normally do, arouses a lot of questions. We all know we are going to dye, but somehow we manage to never think about it. I think happiness has to do with understanding that we only have a limited time on earth. Not that we have to visit those hundred places etc, more to take the opportunity to hugh each other and life itself.
On the ocean every boat is small, very very small, it is quite fostering to feel that vulnerability, like being an ant in the universe.
The same goes with the stars, they will shine on long after we are forgotten as the plastic bottle producing animal that lived on earth for a few million years. If even that.
Here we are, that's it.