Reading, writing and watching a movie

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 14 Jul 2013 06:57
So this is one of the days there is not much to say. At anchor. Very hard winds outside the atholl, quite hard inside but no swell.
We have just been reading and writing all day. The kids have been playing all day.
So if you are interested in whats happening here now, we can only say BOOOOOOring for you, very relaxed for us.
We plan on taking it easy tomorrow as well and attend the village party on monday, that's when they will sing and dance. We do not care much about miss Manihi wich is voted tonight. Since the weather is so hard even going with the dinghy inside the atholl can be an adventure.
Before we left Sweden we got a wonderful gift from my daughter Johanna. A harddrive with different films, chosen by her, with ratings, letter of recommendations, with what can be seen with the kids etc. Lot's of work wonderful layouted and packaged.
We are not very good at sitting down watching movies but have started to enjoy this box of treasures. Tonight we saw FOOD INC
 a very scary film about where the food industry is going today. Don't tell me you do not want to know, I think it is our responsibility to know and vote with the wallet (if we can).
It might seem strange to sit i an atholl watching a film about the food industry, but it gets dark by 6.30 outside and you can watch the stars so many nights.  Thank you Johanna!